A deep-thinker and an ardent reader, SHRI RAMKUMAR GOEL is well-known for his oratory skills, and has delivered number of speeches at various occasions. He made notes on diverse topics and at various occasions, which he painstakingly managed to document for years. From this, his passion for writing emerged in the late 90s. It is the inspiration of his beloved better-half Smt. CHANDRAKALA GOEL that he embarked on this journey of writing and publishing books.

Shri Ramkumar has always compared his style of writing to the concept of preparing a vegetable curry. He says, “When we taste delicious food, we become happy. A lot of ingredients like vegetables, spices and oil are required to make it delicious. The cook uses all of his knowledge and experience and everyone fondly eats the food. A cook gathers all the ingredients from the market and cooks them using his skill; similarly, I have acquired an understanding and knowledge from various sources and have embarked on this book’s journey. I am grateful to the many learned personalities whose association and valuable preaching have constantly inspired me throughout my writings.”

He has always opined that reading Hindi at par with English is necessary. This has urged him to publish bilingual articles and books. His First book, “THE ESSENCE OF LIFE (JEEVAN SAAR)”, was released at Kolkata in May 2007, which he dedicated to his beloved wife, a source of his strength and inspiration.

His second book “GATEWAY TO HEAVEN (SWARG KA DWAR)” was released at Chennai in May 2010. The book is dedicated to his beloved Father SHRI BANWARILAL GOEL and contains 39 articles on issues related to Family, Social & Art of Living, which bring moments of unexpected insights and reasoning and offer practical advice and techniques on how to make our family life more rewarding.

His third book, “TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE (JEEVAN KI BAGHDOR KO KHUD SAMBHALO) was released in October 2010. This book is dedicated to SRI SAKTHI AMMA ji, Narayani Peedam, Vellore, and contains 22 articles that give a picture on how to take charge of your mind, your actions and thereby your destiny. The principle objective of the book is to bring out those qualities that raise one above the multitudes.

His fourth book, “FALL IN LOVE WITH YOURSELF” (KHUD KO PYAR KARO) was released in April 2011. This book is dedicated to Rev. DADA J P VASWANI ji, Spiritual Head of Sadhu Vaswani Mission, Pune, and contains 21 articles, centered on feeling the spark about who you are, and to love life as it comes to you .The articles of the book depict the importance of loving oneself by accepting the negativities within, and ultimately succeeding in life by realizing your inner potentialities.

His fifth book, “YOU, ME AND THE WORLD” (AAP, HUM AUR SANSAR) was released in November 2011. The English edition was released by Dr. A. CHAKRAPANI, Hon’ble Chairman – A.P. Legislative Council and the Hindi edition by Shri K. SATYANARAYANA RAJU, Hon’ble Former Minister of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. This book is dedicated to LORD SRI VENKATESHWARA, Tirumala, Tirupathi (A.P.) and contains 20 articles about people and their perceptions, and how they interpret things in different ways. In this book, the true objective of life and human weaknesses have been highlighted, so that one can get rid of the negativities and fill oneself and the world with extreme joy.

His sixth book, an inspirational and thought-provoking one, BITTER PILLS in English, and PHOOL AUR KANTE in Hindi, was released by His Excellency Shri K. ROSAIAH, Governor of Tamilnadu on 19th November 2012, at Hotel Marigold, Hyderabad. Shri BANDARU DATTATREYA, Hon’ble Minister of State for Labor & Employment and Shri K. SATYANARAYANA RAJU, Former Minister of Andhra Pradesh along with other dignitaries also graced the occasion. This book is dedicated to LORD SRI GANESHA and contains 20 articles on different subjects relating to the practical aspects of life. The articles in this book exemplify that problems in life are like bitter pills prescribed by the doctor, which inspite of their bitterness help us recover in life. The book is about situations and emotions that are unpleasant but must be accepted in life.

The articles contained in his books mainly revolve around issues related to Art of Living, Loving, Giving & Accepting, which offer guidance on how to make life rewarding. All these books were distributed complimentary nationwide, 4000 copies of each English book and 7000 copies of each Hindi book to friends and relatives, customers, important personalities in social, spiritual, political, business fields, and national and state-level libraries and NGOs. The response was very encouraging with appreciation letters from all walks of life - Politicians, Social Personalities, Film Personalities, Professionals and general brothers & sisters across the country. Now Shri Ramkumar Goel is working on his AUTOBIOGRAPHY. On going through his literary works, his knowledge and vast experience in life can be understood and the paradigms he uses are perhaps more popular. His articles are noted for their optimistic and practical nature, mostly derived from the lives of ordinary people that he comes across day-to-day.

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